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Dubai | May 26, 2015 | The Address Hotels + Resorts

Evolution or Extinction: Survive and Thrive with New Google Analytics Features

Speaker: Matt Stannard, CTO, 4Ps Marketing
Session Date: October 06, 2014 – 1:20pm-2:10pm
Session Type: General

Google Analytics has been providing great insights to analysts for nearly half a generation, and the Google Analytics product team continues to develop and enrich the tool at an ever increasing pace.

While we still want to focus on the foundations of sound analytics and optimization, we also need to take advantage of the latest features. This session will explore the more recent additions to Google Analytics that provide an even deeper understanding into user behavior and marketing ROI.

• Benefits of Google Universal Analytics
• Cross-device tracking
• Tracking from any Internet-connected device
• Custom dimensions and metrics
• Demographic and Interest reporting

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Matt’s interest in data and technology began early; he started programming from the day he sat down at his first computer. This interest led him to study computer science, reading modules on intelligent internet commerce, advanced artificial intelligence and advanced neural networks.

During and after university Matt was employed in the development team of multi-national insurance brokers, Willis, where he worked on platform proof of concepts as well as Willis’s intra, extra and internet sites. He later joined a direct marketing company working with data on behalf of Oxfam, the Guardian and a number of UK local authorities.

In his role at 4Ps, Matt is responsible for maintaining the company’s position at the cutting edge of technology. His key goal is to see clients maximise profit from their data. Matt works with clients such as Selfridges, Attraction World, Storage King, Jamie Oliver, Lindt, Liberty, White & Case and the White Company to ensure they’re at the forefront of analytics and tracking.

Matt is considered to be an innovator, excited by API releases and new technologies. He strongly believes that innovation allows different thinking and valuable peer and client insights.