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Harness the power of Google Analytics for confident action & real performance improvement

Dubai | May 26, 2015 | The Address Hotels + Resorts

30-Minute Google Analytics Implementation University

Panelists: Judah Phillips, Founder, SmartCurrent
Session Date: October 06, 2014 – 4:15pm-4:45pm
Session Type: Panel

Even if you’re not directly responsible for deploying Google Analytics, your ability to articulate the right requirements to IT and your effectiveness in interpreting report data are greatly enhanced by an understanding of implementation principles.

This rapid-fire session will teach you the fundamentals of Google Analytics implementation and configuration and serve as a starting point for learning more.

• Implementation planning
• Migration to Google Universal Analytics
• Understanding the Google Analytics tracking code and the pageview paradigm
• Setting up events and virtual pageviews
• View filters
• Goal and funnel configuration

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Judah Phillips