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Dubai | May 26, 2015 | The Address Hotels + Resorts

Let’s Split: A/B and Multivariate Testing for Conversion Optimization

Speaker: Justin Rondeau, Chief Evangelist, WhichTestWon
Session Date: October 07, 2014 – 3:15pm-3:55pm
Session Type: General

Testing is an essential part of a solid optimization program, but it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to structure your testing program for ongoing, long-term performance gains.

Justin Rondeau, Chief Evangelist at WhichTestWon?, provides the insights you need to jump-start your testing program and take your existing program to the next level.

• Testing strategies
• A/B vs. multivariate testing
• Real-life examples
• Best long-term practices for a successful testing program

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Justin Rondeau, Chief Evangelist, WhichTestWon
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