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Harness the power of Google Analytics for confident action & real performance improvement

Dubai | May 26, 2015 | The Address Hotels + Resorts

Google Analytics Universal and Data-Driven Decision Maturity

Speaker: Brooke Hernandez, Sr. Online Marketing Specialist, Plantronics
Session Date: October 06, 2014 – 9:10am-10:00am
Session Type: Keynote

Every organization is at a different stage of maturity in the process of collecting and analyzing data and then taking action to drive measurable improvement and increase marketing ROI.

This practical keynote will explain how you can get to the next level in the data collection-analysis-action cycle, and also how Google Universal Analytics is evolving as tool to help you drive ongoing performance increases in your digital properties.

• Going beyond passive reporting to gain real insights
• Taking action to drive ongoing improvement
• Evolution of Google Analytics for better marketing optimization

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Brooke is a digital marketing professional with over 5 years experience managing and developing online presence and footprint for brand and product related initiatives.

In her current role at Plantronics, Brooke leads the overall online analytics strategy, core search marketing and retargeting efforts and oversees all development and paid media execution for B2C end user categories and launches. She holds her bachelors degree from San Jose State University in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and also carries Pragmatic Marketing certifications in Foundations, Market and Launch.