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Better Insights • Competitive Advantage

Harness the power of Google Analytics for confident action & real performance improvement

Dubai | May 26, 2015 | The Address Hotels + Resorts


You Should Attend and:

  • Step up from reporting to insight, action, and real improvement
  • Learn a wide range of “hidden” gems not easily found in the GA interface or support materials
  • Apply Attribution beyond Multi-channel Funnels Reports
  • Find the right tool for GA Data Visualization your organization
  • See how to integrate GA with Marketing Automation and CRM systems
  • Review case studies and best practices from practitioners in many verticals
  • Get your arms around GA Premium integration with BigQuery
  • Understand where your traffic – and your conversions – are really coming from
  • Confidently map out your migration from GA Classic to Universal Analytics
  • Bridge the gap between technical and analytics skills
  • Master GA implementation and avoid data gaps that result from a basic setup
  • Understand Google Tag Manager and evaluate if it’s right for you
  • Learn how to track across domains and generate rollup reports
  • Gain critical usability evaluations and A/B testing skills
  • Learn fundamental concepts in mobile app tracking
  • Leverage GA “emergency clinics” to fix gaps in your current implementation
  • Take advantage of one-on-ones with instructors, presenters, and subject matter experts
  • Learn strategies to prepare for the official GA Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test
  • Take home more tips, tricks, and valuable takeaways than can be listed

Who Else Will Be There?

  • Marketers and analysts responsible for leads, sales and improving marketing ROI
  • Communication managers
  • UX Designers and Managers
  • Agency and consulting professionals
  • Anybody who wants to strengthen their Google Analytics skills
  • Anybody who wants to offer meaningful, actionable analytics to clients
  • Anyone seeking an immersive, comprehensive leaning experience that will forever change the way you use Google Analytics